The Islington Seniors’ Centre is a registered charitable organization and for any donation of $10.00 or more, you will receive a receipt that may be used for income tax purposes.

A Bequest

Over the years the Islington Centre has been remembered by individuals when they plan for the future. We are deeply honoured when someone considers the Centre to be such an important part of their life and community that a provision for us is included in their will. A bequest or legacy is a lasting remembrance.

Become a Volunteer

We are fortunate to have a team of conscientious volunteers who assist the staff with the operation of the Centre. Their services are used in many different ways, such as teaching, committee members, office help, special events etc. No matter where you choose to offer your services, you will find that your time and effort is very much appreciated by clients and staff alike.

New volunteers are always welcome! It is a great way to meet new people! Drop into the Centre and fill out a volunteer application form.