Movie Matinee: Perry Mason in “The Case of the Sinister Spirit”

Thursday, April 25th
Movie Running Time: 1:00 – 2:45 p.m.

Raymond Burr and Barbara Hale reprise their most famous roles as the unflappable lawyer and sleuth Perry Mason and his loyal secretary Della Street, in this entertaining 1987 made-for-TV movie. Also starring William Katt as Paul Drake Jr. (Hale’s only son in real life), with Robert Stack, David Ogden Stiers and Kim Delaney.

In this mystery, Mason is called on to solve a case of supernatural intrigue, when his publisher friend Jordan White (Robert Stack), is accused of murdering his top author and reclusive horror-writer, David Hall. After arriving at Hall’s shadowy mansion in the mountains, White meets other guests who are also planning to sue Hall over his new book “The Resort”, in which they are all depicted as characters with secretive pasts, but Hall just jeers at their threats. As the mansion is reputed to be haunted, some nasty practical jokes are played on them. When Hall falls to his death from the tower, it is witnessed by the young manager, Susan Warrenfield (Kim Delaney), who is convinced White pushed him.  Her family built the mansion many years ago with a sad history, so she becomes traumatized when strange things start happening to her.  Susan is befriended by Perry’s young private investigator, Paul Drake Jr. (William Katt), who works to uncover who may be trying to scare her away from the scene of the crime.  Has Susan really remembered everything?   Perry thinks not.   David Ogden Stiers is superb as the Crown Prosecutor.

In the Multi-Purpose Room.
Member Fee $2.00.